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Client testimonials

We are fortunate enough that our clients, both tenants and landlords, feel that we do such a good job that they tell us. Below are just a few of the examples of such comments of praise.

"Thank you to Surelock, especially Khalid who has provided us with great advice in setting up and getting a tenant into our first property for rent. Without his guidance and years of experience I think we would have been hopelessly lost!"

Jenny and Michael, first time landlords from Solihull

"At a difficult time in my life, the guys at Surelock found me a place to rent that was just the sort of property in the right area close to my work and at a competitive rent - thanks guys - I can now start to feel settled"

Tom Arnold, Hockley

"We were searching for ages to try and find the right kind of flat within our budget - Mr Rashid knew exactly the kind of place we were needed and a a few weeks of searching found our new home! Thank you Surelock!"

The Petersons, Small Heath